Maryland Locksmith Consumer Advisory

If you are in Maryland, you must hire a licensed locksmith only. The Maryland government has an advisor-y issued to the public, warning them about unlicensed locksmiths operating illegally. Here's the summary of the advisory, being presented for the benefit of Maryland residents looking to hire a locksmith in Maryland. Anyone working as a locksmith in Maryland has to get registered under the Maryland Locksmith Licensing Program.

Warning: Some locksmiths advertising in the local telephone book or internet may not be licensed, and/ or use intimidating tactics to overcharge you.

Prepare Ahead, Before You Need a Locksmith

  • The Maryland government correctly recommends that you contact family or friends to get a recommendation of a locksmith.
  • In Maryland, all locksmiths are required to be licensed. Further, all employees providing services under the licensed locksmith are required to be approved by the Department.
  • All licensed locksmiths & their employees appear in the license search tab of this website:
  • The Maryland government also advises the public to contact several locksmiths and request their business street address to determining if the provider is a mobile, home-based, or a locksmith store.
  • Check for insurance of the locksmith to protect against any damage or loss incurred. The Maryland Locksmith Licensing Program requires general liability insurance for all licensees.

In Case of Locksmith Emergency Services

If you have an urgent need for a locksmith, try to ask a family member, friend or trusted neighbor to bring a locksmith with them. This ensures that you are not alone with the locksmith, and can help in finding more genuine locksmith.

You should ask for an estimate for the service call and service to be performed in advance before requesting the locksmith to come over for assistance. When the locksmith arrives, ask for any additional cost applicable. When the work is done, get an itemized invoice that includes the type of lock serviced, total amount paid for service, and VIN number for automobile locks serviced. Such invoice should include your (customer) name, service address/ location and locksmith license number along with other details of the locksmith.

Ask for license of the locksmith: Maryland licensed locksmiths and their employees carry a photo identification card, which must be checked before going with any locksmith. The identity car will also have the details of locksmith licenses and types of locksmith works handled.

As for the customer, you will have to provide the locksmith with your proper identification and the ownership or authority to the property being unlocked.

Stay safe & hire a genuine locksmith only!