LocksmithBrook.com is a personal space for rants & raves by a security professional, aka locksmith. Yes!!! This is a personal website maintained by a person working as a security professional, whom you commonly refer to as a locksmith.

Who am I?

For some weird reasons, I want to remain anonymous here. It's fun to remain hidden behind the screen. That is obviously going to empower me to share anything that I want to.

Don't worry. I don't have any sinister plan. My motto is simple.

Share your thoughts without revealing any personal identity as that often attaches unwanted prejudices. If you know that I am Mexican, you will think I have some different way of thinking. What if I were an Asian, in that case we might not be on an equal ground when discussing ideas and circumstances. I might be an African, which might make chance the perception of many people.

Let's just say I am a human being like you, living a life of a middle class person, with dream and ambitions for myself, my family & the country I live in.

What do I do?

For a living, I pick locks, make keys and unlock cars. Of course, I do a lot of other stuff too as part of my professional life as a locksmith working in Chicago. Yes, I am a locksmith in Chicago. I am good at my trade. I am not a big shot executive or a top businessman, but I thrive.

Let's stay connected!